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Related post: * Senna (Senn.), U.S.P.; Senna Folia (Senn. Fol.), B.P.; Senna. The dried leaflets of Cassia acutifolia or angustifolia. Introduced by the Arabians. Constituents: senna-emodin, senna-isoemodin, senna-chrysophanic acid, and other anthraquinon derivatives, free and in glucosidal combinations (Tutin, 1913; Tambach, 1913). Dose, 4 Gm., i dram, U.S.P., as cathartic; as laxative, i to 2 Gm., 15 to 30 gr., infused in a cup of hot water. Many of the laxative nostrums ("Castoria;" "Fig Syrup;" various "Teas") owe their activity mainly to senna. A preparation for hypodermic use is marketed as "Sennatin." Betke, 1914, claims good effects in postoperative ileus. Conf. Senn., B.P. 10 per cent, of powdered Senna. Dose, 4 to 8 Gm., i to 2 drams, B.P. Jnf. Senn., B.P. 10 per cent., with Ginger. Dose, 15 to 30 c.c., % to i ounce, repeated; single, 60 c.c., 2 ounces, B.P. Inf. Senn. Co., U.S.P. (Black Draught). Average dose, 120 c.c., 4 ounces, U.S.P., contains about 7 Gm. of Senna; 15 Gm. of Magnes. Sulph., with Manna and Fennel. Fldext. Senn., U.S.P. Dose, 2 c.c., 30 minims, U.S.P. Mist. Senn. Co., B.P. 25 per cent, of Magnes. Sulph. in Inf. Senn., with aromatics. Dose, 30 to 60 c.c., i to 2 ounces, B.P. * Syrupus Senna (Syr. Senn.), U.S.P. 25 per cent. Flavored with coriander. Dose, 4 c.c., i dram, U.S.P. * Syr. Senn., B.P. About 40 per cent., with coriander. Dose, 2 to 8 c.c., % to 2 drams, B.P. Tr. Senn. Co., B.P. 20 per cent., with caraway and coriander. Dose, 2 to 4 c.c., ^ to i dram, repeated; single, 8 to 15 c.c., 2 to 4 drams, B.P. * Pulvis GlycyrrhizcE Compositus (Pulv. Glycyrrh. Co.), U.S.P., B.P. (Compound Licorice Powder). Greenish-yellow to greenish-brown powder; odor of fennel. Aver- age dose, 4 Gm., i dram, U.S.P.; contains about 0.7 Gm. of Senna, 0.3 Gm. of Sulphur and a little Fennel pil. Dose, 4 to 8 Gm., i to 2 drams, B.P. Senna. Fructus (Senn. Fruct), B.P.; Senna pods. The dried ripe fruits of Cassia acutifolia or angustifolia. Cassia Fructus (Cass. Fruct.), B.P. The ripe fruits of Cassia Fistula. VEGETABLE CATHARTICS 169 Cassia Pulpa (Cass. Pulp.), B.P.; Cassia Pulp. An evaporated watery extract of the preceding. RHUBARB This contains a considerable quantity of tannin as well as cathartic principles. The astringent action predominates with smaller doses (0.05 to 0.3 Gm.) and these are used as astringent bitter in gastric catarrh, and in diarrhea. Larger doses (i to 5 Gm.) are laxative with little colic. They may be employed in chronic constipation, but the astringent action makes it inferior to cascara. It may cause skin eruptions. Constituents (Tutin and Clewer, 1911). The cathartic principles are mainly a resin, non-glucosidal, but yielding on hydrolysis various anthraquinon derivatives, which also exist partly free: rhein, emodin, aloe-emodin, chrysophanic acid, etc. The astrin- gent principles are glucosidal compounds of tannin (rheotannic acid), and gallic acid. There is also a large amount of calcium oxalate. PREPARATIONS RHUBARB Rheum, U.S.P.; Rhei Rhiz., B.P.; Rhubarb. From Rheum officinale and probably other species growing in China and Thibet. (The species of Rhubarb cultivated in this country are devoid of cathartic properties.) Rhubarb has been used since antiquity in China, and by the Roman physicians. Dose, i Gm., 15 gr., U.S.P.; 0.2 to 0.6 Gm., 3 to 10 gr., repeated; single, i to 2 Gm., 15 to 30 gr., B.P. Ext. Rltei., U.S.P., B.P. A powdered extract, i Gm. representing 2 Gm. of drug, U.S.P. Dose, 0.25 Gm., 4 gr., U.S.P.; 0.12 to 0.5 Gm., 2 to 8 gr., B.P. Fldext. Rhei, U.S.P. Dose, i c.c., 15 minims, U.S.P. Inf. Rhei, B.P. 5 per cent. Dose, 15 to 30 c.c., ^ to i ounce, B.P. Mist. Rhei et Soda, N.F. Sod. bicarb., 3.5 per cent.; Fluidext. Rhubarb, 1.5 per cent.; Fluidext. Ipecac, 0.3 per cent.; Sp. Peppermint, Glycerin, and Water. Dose, 4 c.c., i dram. Pil. Rhei Co., U.S.P. Each pill contains 0.13 Gm. of Rhubarb, o.oi Gm. of Aloes. Dose, two pills, U.S.P. Pil. Rhei Co., B.P. Pill-mass containing 25 per cent, of Rhubarb, 20 per cent, of Aloes, 14 per cent, of Myrrha. Dose, 0.25 to 0.5 Gm., 4 to 8 gr., B.P. Puh. Rhei. Co., U.S.P., B.P. 25 per cent, of Rhubarb, 65 per cent. Magn. Oxid., 10 per cent, of Ginger, U.S.P.; the B.P. formula is almost the same. Dose, 2 Gm., 30 gr., U.S.P.; 0.6 to 4 Gm., 10 to 60 gr., B.P. Syr. Rhei, U.S.P. 10 per cent, of Rhubarb; i per cent, of Pot. Carb.; flavored with Cinnamon. Dose, 10 c.c., 2^ drams, U.S.P. Syr. Rhei, B.P. 7 per cent., with Coriander. Dose, 2 to 8 Buy Lidocaine Powder Online c.c., ^ to 2 drams, B.P. * Syr. Rhei Aromaticus (Syr. Rhei Arom.), U.S.P.; Aromatic Syrup of Rhubarb. 15 per cent, of Tr. Rhei Arom.; o.i per cent. Pot. Carb. Dose, 10 c.c., 2^ drams, U.S.P. Tr. Rhei, U.S.P. 20 per cent.; flavored with Cardamon. Dose, 4 c.c., i dram, U.S.P. * Tinctura Rhei Aromatica (Tr. Rhei Arom.), U.S.P. 20 per cent, flavored with Cinnamon, Clove and Nutmeg. Dose, 2 c.c., 30 min., U.S.P. * Tinctura Rhei Composita (Tr. Rhei Co.), B.P. 10 per cent.; flavored with Carda- mon and Coriander. Dose, 2 to 4 c.c., 3^ to i dram, repeated; single, 8 to 16 c.c., 2 to 4 drams, B.P. ALOES General Statement. The inspissated juice of the leaves of various species of Aloe from the West Indies, Africa, etc., furnishes the different commercial varieties of aloes, which differ somewhat in composition and action. They contain anthraquinon derivatives, especially aloins (10 to 1 6 per cent.). These are glucosids which are probably inactive them- selves ; but which yield emodin and other active anthraquinon derivatives on cleavage. This cleavage occurs in the intestine ; it is favored by alkalies
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